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Professor I.A. Selivanova, PhD; I.Yu. Markovina, PhD; J. McFarland; Professor V.L. Beloborodov, PhD; R.P. Terekhov; K.S. Voronin I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University); 8, Trubetskaya St., Build. 2, Moscow 119991, Russian Federation

The provision of education in accordance with the international standards is integral to the implementation of the concept of the polylingual educational environment. To provide students with a free access to the polylingual information space, mainly to innovative specialized tutorials, is an important task in the framework of this concept. In modern conditions, the educational process involves a widely introduced computer testing system as a tool for control of skill formation in students. The use of modern computer technologies to perform test tasks eliminates the possibility that students can apply an unscrupulous approach to overcoming such challenges. At the same time, the tests to be performed require that the testees should have certain skills. The Department of Organic Chemistry together with the Department of Foreign Languages have created the English-language interactive test simulator “Organic Chemistry. Test Stimulator” for pharmaceutical students to train them in computer testing. The manual has been introduced into the educational process.

organic chemistry
test stimulator
computer technologies
polylingual educational environment

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