Comparative study of pathomorphological change of Jirug-6 suppository on the phenol-mucilage induced vaginal colpitis of rats


Yi Li Na Chimed(1), Li Caihong(2), N. Oyuntsetseg(3), D. Enkhjargal(4) 1-Inner Mongolian Medical University, Huh hot, China, MNUMS, 2-Inner Mongolia Medical College, 3-International School of Mongolian Traditional Medicine, MNUMS, 4-School of Pharmacy, MNUMS, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Introduction. Jirug-6 suppository is isolated from Mongolian traditional prescription Jirug-6, which mentioned in medicinal textbook «Four medicine code», «Uzegsdiinbayasgalan» and «Erkhemtuuver». It consists of six raw materials such as aerial part of Nepeta cataria L, Brassica juncea (L.) Czem. Embelia ribes Pall, Achillea asiatica Serge. Leonurus japonicus Houtt. and Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce. Jirug-6 has heat clearing, wound healing, detoxifying, treating pain and antimicrobial properties. It is also clinically used to vaginosis, leukorrhea and other diseases. Objective. To study the pathomorphological changes of Jirug-6 suppository on the vaginal tissue of a rat due to its erosion in chemical experiment. Methods. The models are established within five days and the colpitis wasinduced with 25% phenol-mucilage by a rate of 25%. The administration was held for 11 days after the rats were sacrificed and vaginal tissues were taken. Furthermore, the Process 1, Process 2 and Process 3 were detected and pathological scores were completed on interstitial injuries of vaginal mucosa and sub-mucous under electronic microscope. Results. Тhe proportion of pathological changes in the three groups of histological changes: process 1> process 2 > process 3. Conclusion. The result indicates that there is a better therapeutic efficacy of suppository in Process 1 on rat model with colpitis induced by phenol-mucilage.

Jirug 6
pathomorphological changes

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