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Morphological and anatomical study of crown sawwort (Serratula coronata L.) herb


E.A. Konyaeva, O.G. Alentyeva, P.G. Mizina All-Russian Research Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (VILAR), 7, Grin St., Moscow 117216, Russian Federation

Introduction. Crown sawwort (Serratula coronata L.) is used in folk medicine as an astringent, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antifebrile, antiemetic, and sedative agent. The herb of this plant is a promising source of ecdysteroids for the design of drugs. The quality control of medicinal plant raw materials is carried out according to identity criteria, such as the characteristics of external and microscopic signs. Objective: to investigate the morphological and anatomical structure of crown sawwort to identify the diagnostic signs of raw materials. Material and methods. The investigation object was crown sawwort herb stored in 2017 in the VILAR experimental field and in the Belgorod Region, Samara Region, and Komi Republic (a mixture of 3 species). Gross and microscopic analyses of the raw materials were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation’ State Pharmacopoeia 14th edition (RF SP-14). Results. The paper describes the external signs of crown sawwort. There are anatomical and diagnostic signs of its microscopic structure: an anomocytic stomatal complex, simple unicellular retort-shaped hairs, multicellular thin-walled sinuous and capitate hairs. Conclusion. The established diagnostic signs of the appearance and anatomical structure of crown sawwort herb allow its raw materials to be diagnosed.

crown sawwort
Serratula coronata L.
gross analysis
microscopic analysis
diagnostic signs

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