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Possible use of phytoecdysteroids in dental practice


S.V. Darmogray, A.V. Guskov, D.A. Zimankov, N.S. Erofeeva, V.N. Darmogray Academician I.P. Pavlov Ryazan State Medical University, 9, Vysokovoltnaya St., Ryazan 390026, Russia

Herbal remedies used especially to treat and prevent dental and periodontal diseases are retrospectively analyzed. The authors show for this purpose the prospects for the use of phytoecdysteroids, such as insect molting and metamorphosis hormones and other arthropods (crayfishes, crabs, shrimps, krills, etc.), as well as those providing a wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological effects on warm-blooded organisms, not being hormones for them. As an illustration of the highly effective effect of ecdysteroids on the representatives of the animal world, the authors give a brief overview of some patents and discoveries, which are of fundamental importance for understanding the role of ecdysteroids and for designing drugs in medical and pharmaceutical practice. It is also shown that these substances are practically non-toxic and do not cause any adverse effects, even when they are used long, and that they can be of importance in the very urgent problem of import substitution in our time. It is stated that it is necessary to search for these substances in the representatives of the plant world and marine fauna. The paper analyzes the scientific works by the employees of the University and dental clinics of Ryazan and the Ryazan Region, as well as those of Moscow, on the effects of particularly ecdysteroids, as well as teas that contain plant species producing these compounds, for periodontal and dental diseases,. The plants included in the herbal teas in question are the sources of these substances and plant species of other families, the biologically active substances of which nuanced the action of the ecdysteroid-containing representatives of the Carvophyllacea family for the treatment of periodontitis and teeth.

ecdysterone-containing drugs
herbal teas
Caryophyllaceae Juss

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