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Professor Z.D. Khadzhieva (1), PhD ; D.Yu. Ivkin (2), PhD; N.S. Aleinikova (1) 1-Pyatigorsk Medical Pharmaceutical Institute, Branch, Volgograd State Medical University; 11, Kalinin Pr., Pyatigorsk 357532, Russian Federation; 2-Saint Petersburg State Chemopharmaceutical Academy; 14, Prof. Popov St., Saint Petersburg 197376, Russian Federation

Introduction. Induction of inflammation is a common pathogenic mechanism of mucosal injury in upper respiratory tract diseases. Successful treatment requires medicines that limit the focus of an inflammatory reaction and have a complex (anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic, immunostimulant, and antibacterial) effect. Herbal medications and their combinations have these properties. Objective: to investigate the anti-inflammatory properties of a developed aerodisperse system on a model of acute cervical lymphadenitis in an experiment. Material and methods. An experiment was performed on 42 adult male Wistar rats divided into 7 equal groups. Acute lymphadenitis was reproduced by direct injection of an anti-inflammatory agent, such as bacterial lipopolysaccharide, into the right lymph node. Benzydamine was a comparison drug. The markers for the intensity of an inflammatory response, such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α), were identified. The concentration of CRP was determined by semi-quantitative method; that of TNF-α was estimated by solid-phase enzyme immunoassay. Results. The manifestation of acute lymphadenitis in rats treated with the test spray was less pronounced than that in the control animal group, which was shown in the reductions in the levels of CRP and TNF-α. The anti-inflammatory activity of the test spray was manifested by inhibiting the formation of cytokines and reducing the destructive processes in the cell membranes. Conclusion. The spray tested in experiments has an anti-inflammatory effect that is comparable to the pharmacological one of the comparison drug. The optimal therapeutic dose has been established for the spray.

upper respiratory tract diseases
aerodisperse system

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