Features of the design of freeze-dried orally disintegrating tablets

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29296/25419218-2019-02-03

E.V. Blynskaya(1), S.V. Tishkov(1), K.V. Alekseev(1), S.V. Minaev(1), A.I. Marakhova(2) 1-V.V. Zakusov Research Institute of Pharmacology, 8, Baltiyskaya St., Moscow 125315, Russian Federation; 2-Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia; 6, Miklukho-Maklai St., Moscow 117198, Russian Federation

The paper summarizes information on the promising dosage form (DF) freeze-dried (FD) orally disintegrating tablets (ODT). It presents patented freeze-dried ODT technologies, such as Zydis®, Lioc®, Quicksolv®. The authors show the advantages of freeze-drying in preparing ODT and indicate possible problems in designing DFs and ways of their solution. They analyze excipients used in the technology of FD tablets and present the functional classification of excipients, which includes components, such as matrix-forming, crystalline fillers, flocculating agents, cosolvents, binders, pH regulators, cryo/bioprotectors, preservatives, sweeteners, flavors etc. Each class of excipients and their scope are characterized. The features of FD ODT technology as well as ways to optimize and improve freeze-drying in accordance with the requirements of strength, oral disintegration, etc. are indicated. The freeze-drying technology is shown to be promising among other types of technologies for ODT.

orally disintegrating tablets
freeze-dried tablets
crystalline fillers
matrix-forming agents

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