Development and analysis of liquid extract of linden flowers


E.F. Stepanova(1), D.V. Veselova(2), A.G. Kuregyan(1), M.A. Ogaj(1), A.M. Temirbulatova(1), T.S. Kochkonyan(2) 1-Рyatigorsk Medical Pharmaceutical Institute of Volgograd Medical State University of the Ministry of Health Care of Russia; 11, Kaninina Pr., Рyatigorsk 357532, Russian Federation, 2-Kuban State Medical University; 4, Mitrofana Sedina St., Krasnodar 350063 Russian Federation

Intriduction. Heart-shaped linden flowers contain a rich complex of biologically active substances, the main ones being polysaccharides, saponins and flavonoids. Given the small range of medicines of linden flowers with a wide range of pharmacological activity of this raw material, the development of technology for obtaining an extract from linden flowers can be considered a valid pharmaceutical task Objective: development of technology for obtaining extract of liquid linden flowers and its comprehensive research. Materials and methods. To obtain a liquid extract, heart-shaped linden flowers, collected in the flowering phase in the area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters were used. Liquid linden extract was obtained by repercolating in a battery of 4 percolators. The moisture and content of flavonoids in the raw materials was determined by the methods of the State Fund of the Russian Federation XIII edition. Biotesting of the obtained linden extract was performed on Parametium caudatum. Results. The number of extraction steps, the ratio between the mass of the raw material and the volume of the extractant are determined. A technology is proposed for obtaining an extract of liquid linden flowers in a battery of 4 percolators with an actual extraction efficiency of 70%, with a phase ratio of 1: 1.8. A technique has been developed for the qualitative and quantitative determination of flavonoids in terms of rutin in the feedstock and in the resulting extract. The content of flavonoids in linden extract was 0.33%. The protective activity of linden extract was determined in relation to cellular poisons - hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol. Conclusion. An optimal technology for obtaining a liquid linden extract by the method of repercolation with a complete cycle is proposed. The optimal parameters of the extraction process are established. Analytical support of the extraction process has been developed. Liquid linden extract has been shown to have a pronounced membrane stabilizing and antioxidant effect

linden flowers
liquid extract

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