Standardization of Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) herb


I.S. Suloev, A.O. Ponkratova, N.A. Dudetskaya, L.S. Teslov, V.G. Luzhanin Saint Petersburg State Chemopharmaceutical University, 14, Prof. Popov St., Saint Petersburg, 197376, Russia

Introduction. The perennial herbaceous plan Canadian goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) is a valuable source of flavonoids. The quality of Canadian goldenrod herb is assessed according to the pharmacopoeial article “Canadian goldenrod herb” designed more than 25 years ago, many sections of which require revision in accordance with modern requirements for the quality of plant raw materials. Objective: to develop and validate a quantitative measurement procedure for flavonoids in the Canadian goldenrod herb. Material and methods. The investigation objects were the Canadian goldenrod herb samples collected on the territory of the Leningrad Region and in the vicinity of Prague (Czech Republic) in the period of 2016 to 2018. Quantitative determination was carried out using differential spectrophotometry by the aluminum chloride (III)-flavonoid complexation reaction. The procedure was validated in terms of specificity, linearity, precision, repeatability, and robustness. Results. The investigators studied the impact of various technological parameters: the type of an extraction agent and its concentration; the time, frequency, and temperature of extraction; the degree of grinding of raw materials; the time of a reaction of flavonoids with a complexing agent (2% aluminum chloride solution), the quantity of a reagent for measuring the levels of flavonoids in the raw material. The optimal conditions for analysis were determined. Conclusion. A spectrophotometric quantitative measurement procedure for the total count of flavonoids calculated with reference to rutin in the Canadian goldenrod herb was developed and validated.

Canadian goldenrod
Solidago Canadensis L.
quantitative determination
procedure validation

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