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Evaluation of the impact of immunomodulatory phytocombination as a dry extract on humoral immunity


B.A. Imamaliev(1), K.Z. Alimkulova(1), R.R. Shokodirov(1), M.S. Isajhanov(1), F.F. Urmanova(2), 1-«Med Standart» Research Center, 343, Karasarai St., Tashkent 100049, Republic of Uzbekistan; 2-Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, 45, Aibek St., Tashkent 100015, Republic of Uzbekistan

Introduction. To date, there are many immunomodulatory drugs; however, each of them has its own disadvantages, for there will be a need to expand the range of existing immunotropic drugs. Objective: to investigate the immunomodulatory activity of phytocombination as a dry extract on humoral immunity. Material and methods. The immunomodulatory activity of the drug was investigated using a model for immunization of animals with sheep red blood cells. The immunomodulatory drugs Immunal (tablets) and Viusid (powder) were used as medicines to be compared. Results. The test drug was found to have a significant immunomodulatory activity and to be highly competitive with the compared medicines. It mainly affected primary immunity, which was due to the higher level of immunoglobulins M. Conclusion. The findings suggest that the test drug has a significant immunomodulatory activity that is as high as the medicines compared

immunomodulatory activity

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