Investigation of morphological, anatomical, and diagnostic characteristics of Volga setwell (Valeriana wolgensis Kazak) raw material by luminescence microscopy


O.A. Kolosova, O.V. Trineeva, A.A. Sorokina, A.A. Gudkova Voronesh State Medical University, 3, Studencheskaya St., Voronesh 394006, Russia

Introduction. As of now, Pharmacopeia Article (PA) 2.5.0009.15 «Setwell (Valeriana officinalis) rhizomes and roots» in the 14th Edition of the Russian Federation’s Pharmacopeia does not specify the list of closely related species that can be harvested and used, as is laid down for other types of plant materials (for example, PA.2.5.0106.18 «Brier (Rosa) hips»). The morphological convergence of related species and simultaneously the description of the multitude of different intraspecific forms complicate the differentiation of the species of the Officinales series; therefore, microscopic analysis is used to determine their identity. The literature lacks information on the use of the luminescence analysis described in the Pharmacopoeia to assess the identity of the rhizomes and roots of various setwell species, which determines the relevance of such investigations. Objective: to investigate the morphological, anatomical and diagnostic features of Volga setwell (Valeriana wolgensis Kazak) raw material by luminescence microscopy. Material and methods. The investigation object was the dried aboveground and underground parts of Volga serwell growing in the Voronezh Region. The morphological, anatomical, and diagnostic signs of the raw materials were macroscopically and microscopically examined by luminescence microscopy using a Micromed-3 Lum luminescent microscope. Results. Luminescence microscopy was used to determine and visualize the morphological signs of the aboveground parts of Volga setwell and the anatomical markers of its underground parts. The investigators established the nature of the structure and luminescence of trichomes, conductive elements, and parenchyma of the Volga setwell leaf blade. They revealed the feature of the luminescence of the hypodermis and ground parenchyma of the setwell root, which makes it possible to use this feature as an identification sign when establishing the identity of this raw material. Conclusion. The findings can be used to compile «keys» for the identification of closely related plant species by anatomical features. Investigations will contribute to the further comprehensive study of setwell species belonging to the Officinales Grub., which account for 8 to 11 species according to different data.

Volga setwell
Valeriana wolgensis Kazak.
closely related plant species
luminescence analysis
diagnostic signs

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