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Robbert van Haselen International Institute for Integrated Medicine (INTMEDI), Kingston, United Kingdom

Introduction. Traumeel is a homeopathic medication used for the stand-alone or adjuvant bioregulatory therapy of inflammatory diseases of different organs and tissues, including locomotor diseases (tendovaginitis, bursitis, styloiditis, periarthritis, etc.) and various posttraumatic conditions (postoperative soft tissue swelling, muscle strain, and ligament sprain). Objective: to review the scientific literature on the efficiency of using Traumeel to treat inflammatory diseases of different organs and tissues. Material and methods. The available data on Traumeel were analyzed using an integrative approach, i.e. mixed methods. The analysis included both the determination of the level of evidence, by applying a hierarchical grading system, and the assessment of the data by non-hierarchical methods. Results. Twenty-two works, including 3 reviews, 6 clinical trials, 7 prospective cohort studies, and 7 publications on the results of basic research studies were analyzed. Conclusion. Studies on Traumeel comprise are a multifaceted and diverse evidence-base that increases every year. The integrative approach is of value in the context of individualized medical care.

bioregulatory therapy
locomotor diseases
posttraumatic conditions
integrative approach
evidence base

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