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Features of the body distribution of pyridostigmine bromide in warm-blooded animals following its intragastric administration


V.K. Shormanov(1), M.I. Alyokhina(2), E.A. Kovalenko(1),, D.V. Astafyev(1), 1-Kursk State Medical University, 3, Karl Marx St., Kursk 305004, Russian Federation 2-N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University, 10, Studencheskaya St., Voronezh 394036, Russian Federation

Introduction. Pyridostigmine bromide is an anticholinesterase drug used to treat myasthenia gravis and as an antidote for organophosphate poisoning. This substance is toxic to warm-blooded animals and can cause poisoning in humans or death. Objective: to study of the body distribution of pyridostigmine bromide in warm-blooded animals (rats) after intragastric administration of a triple LD50 of this substance. Material and methods. Pyridostigmine bromide was the object of the investigation. The latter used analytical methods, such as thin layer chromatography (TLC), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and UV spectrophotometry. Male Wistar rats were intragastrically injected with a triple LD50 of pyridostigmine bromide as an aqueous suspension. The compound analyzed was isolated with acetone from the tissues of the organs and blood of dead animals, purified by replacing the solvent and by subsequent TLC using a model of the grafted stationary phase C14-C15 and the mobile phase buffer solution (pH 1.98)/ acetone = 8/2 (v/v). Results. Pyridostigmine bromide in biological objects was identified by the value of absolute chromatographic mobility (TLC), retention time in a sorbent column (HPLC), and absorption characteristics in the UV region of the spectrum. The content of pyridostigmine in the biological objects was estimated by UV spectrophotometry. The developed methods for determining the analyte in the biological objects were validated by linearity, selectivity, accuracy, precision, detection limits, and quantitative indicators. Conclusion. Pyridostigmine (μg/g of biomaterial) was found to be predominantly present in the spleen (340.8±18.51), gastric wall (240.6±21.79), gastric contents (209.8±13.35), and heart (191.2±15.49) of experimental animals.

pyridostigmine bromide (Kalimin)
body distribution
chemical and toxicological study

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